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My downloads finished my uploads resuming
Alarm clock goes off and that lets me know I’m human
See time is limited so I’ll show the world what I can dream
My life is backed up lemme take you on my time machine
From past and future present
Ready as ever to teach the world a lesson, never a second for second guessing
Search the world with my spotlight
It says “only the good die young” and thats not right
Given to us in them jeans and a turtle neck
Showin us our favorite item we ain’t even heard a yet
But you know its always somethin that I’m sure to get 
On my safari yeah thats nothin but net
Every transition every move seamless
It’s like goin to a bar with a genius
And I’ve seen this broke no, hand it back
Always tryna be PC but can’t you see that I’m a Mac

Put the world at my fingertips
Put the world in the palm of my hand
They gon say I can’t
Well I’ma show you all i can
Everything I need
And everything I never planned
They gon say I can’t 
I’ma show you I can

Presentations so good that I have to clap
Tryna find me? well there’s an app for that
You should try that, free or you can buy back 
Chase the rainbow like the colors of an iMac
The pot of gold I know I have will come with time 
iPod, iPhone, iPad, give it to you quicktime 
In my photo booth, yeah, takin it with no effects
Then I’ma go out big game huntin and get you with that OSX
Jaguar, tiger, lion oh my, dont forget the leopard
So that means the flock is all here you gotta respect the shepherd 
Happened quick now we blowin up big like the challenger 
They call me iCal, I’m takin over your calendar 
I’ma continue down the continuum like its space time
Don’t you ever look away ’cause I got you on that face time
Leave the world better than you find it n thats what matters most
So I think that we should raise a toast 


Please excuse the pictures you don’t need flash
‘Cause I think you know I don’t support that
My batteries dyin I’m running on these ifumes
And thanks to all the fans who took us to the top of iTunes

Just remember to keep talkin when no one will listen 
If apple taught us anything that’s to think different 
And those words are ringin all too true
People crazy enough to think they can change the world do
And that’s you…