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Letter To Our Fans
20 Jun ’12 at 1:08 am.


Hey guys,

We wanted to take a second to thank each and every one of you for the amazing support you have shown us over the past year and a half. It’s been a crazy, wild ride that we never could have expected, and your loyalty to Timeflies is what drives us to work hard every day of every week.

Now, to fill you in on what’s going on with us this summer. We’re working on a couple new and exciting projects — the first is a mixtape, which will be coming out very soon. The second is an all original EP, which we’ll be focusing all of our attention on. So, after 68 consecutive weeks of Timeflies Tuesday, we are taking a short break to focus on getting you some new original music. But don’t you worry, Timeflies Tuesday will be back with a vengeance!

That said, we haven’t forgotten about Tuesday… be sure to stay tuned for a little something each week — including sneak peeks of new music, UStreams, behind-the-scenes footage, a ton of show announcements for the rest of 2012, and who knows what else. We can’t wait to see you all around the country this Fall, so be sure to check if we’re coming to your city or school, and get ready for a lot of crazy things coming your way.

For all of you that have been with us since the beginning and to those of you who have joined us along the way, there is no way to thank you enough, except to hope that you’ll be with us ’til the end. Now turn up your speakers and get scotchd up with us!

 – Cal & Rez