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Thank You
22 Nov ’12 at 7:32 pm.

We wanted to take a second away from the football, the family and the turkey crushing to give a huge shout out to ALL of you who support Timeflies. There is a lot to be thankful for this year, and we wanted to reflect and put everything in perspective. It was just two years ago that we were getting ready to release the second song we ever recorded, “Lose My Mind”, and since then, it’s been you guys who have supported us. We are fortunate enough to wake up everyday to do something we love and have incredible people like you who appreciate our work.

For the past several months we have put our heart and soul into producing the One Night EP. Our goal has always been to create quality music, and you guys deserve the very best from us. We truly love every single one of the records on the new EP, and we hope you will too. Keep sharing our music and music in general with your friends and family, and let’s shock the world and show everyone how powerful our Timeflies movement truly is. We love having you all on our team and are excited to spend the rest of the days leading up to the drop on Tuesday together with you. Let’s do it big. We love you all, and again, thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving and have a safe and happy holiday season.